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With Whom I Am Well Pleased

A documentary film on faith and doubt

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About the Film

After Thanksgiving dinner in 2013, the evangelist Tony Campolo was asked by his son Bart to sit down to talk. Bart, for decades a Christian leader in his own right, wanted to give his father some unsettling news: he was no longer a believer in the Christian faith. Just before Christmas 2014, Tony and Bart sat down together in front of my cameras for a dialogue about faith and the lack thereof, and how their perspectives on life differ now that they don’t believe the same things. This film, in production now, is a narrative of faith and truth, belief and knowledge, father and son.

About the Campolos

Tony Campolo is a sociologist, pastor, author and public speaker. He is perhaps best-known for his role as spiritual advisor to President Bill Clinton, and for being a prominent voice in the evangelical church. He is a leader of the Red-Letter Christian movement, which aims to emphasize the teachings of Jesus. Tony celebrated his 81st birthday last February.

Bart Campolo is the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Southern California, author and public speaker. He is co-founder of Mission Year and a prominent former urban minister, speaking internationally to progressive Christian groups. He made news during 2014 when he announced that he no longer believes in God.

About the Filmmaker

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John Wright is an independent filmmaker and radio producer from Belfast, Northern Ireland living and working in Arizona and Southern California. He is the son of a Presbyterian minister and developed an early interest in the questions answered by religion. To get in touch, please CLICK HERE.